hi !
i'm nav, a sophomore from new york university in abu dhabi. check out some of the stuff i've done for "communcations lab".
you can reach me at

30 minute film festival. in our very first project, gabi, may and i worked to make a shoot a film in 30 minutes, and edit it in another 30. our film was then advertised on a webpage! check it out!

in our second project, i worked with mai and luize to make our very own comic strip. we used adobe photoshop and illustrator to hand draw all the comics. like all commlab projects, it lives on a website. take a look!

this project took us to to the magical world of sound. our task was to create an audio piece that told a story. elza and i recorded audio from around us and got a friend to voice act. we then found many sounds online and patched everything up to create this piece. listen to it!

the last group project brought josefina, aleksandra and myself together to create a 'how to' video. we learned how to use some professional filming and audio equipment. we edited the video and audio to create a polished piece that lives on this website. have a look!